BMW Isetta 

BMW Isetta 300


Who can believe that BMW have ever produced such a funny car?

It was designed by Italians in 1953, and BMW started the fabrication in 1955.

The nice thing is the fuel consumption, less than 3 liters/100 km.

BMW even manage to sold over 100,000 units.

The "egg-car" has one front door, two seats, and it is a must have micro-car for Mr. Bean.

Speed? 75 km/hour, enough to be considered a car!


(Malmo, Science and Maritime House Museum, 2015)


Roller Skates


Really? Really!

Patented and made by Road Skate Company (London) in ~1895, that means more than 100 years ago! It is even more frustrating when you think that they were invented by John Joseph Merlin in 1760! You think you are smart? Think twice!

The turning point in developing the roller skates was using the ball bearings.

Anyhow, this design for ladies still looks pretty cool!

So, don't throw away your "old-fashioned" roller skates. They may end-up in a museum ... after few hundred years!


(Malmo, Science and Maritime House Museum, 2015)


The Flute from Divje

The Flute from Divje Babe, made of a cave bear femur, is considered the oldest musical instrument in the world, about 60.000 years before present!

Look at the holes! Almost perfect!

(Ljubljana, The National Museum of Slovenia, 2015)